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GDL Powder Coating

Powder Coating


All parts powder coated by GDL go through the same process and receive the same meticulous care:

  1. Pretreatment
    1. Sand Blasting
    2. Chemical Treatment
  2. Masking & Plugging
    1. We use high-temperature tape to mask any areas that shouldn’t be covered and we plug all holes that should be left uncoated.
  3. Powder Coating
    1. We use premium powders (and can source specific powders as the needs arise), along with Wagner spray equipment.
  4. Quality Control
    1. All parts are measured in multiple places to ensure any minimum thickness requirements.
  5. Packing & Shipping
    1. All parts are carefully packaged to ensure they arrive to you in the best possible condition.
    2. We offer personalized pickup and delivery within certain areas or direct shipping to you or your customer.

Oven Capacity:

8′ wide x 8′ tall x 16′ long

500+ lbs

We turn innovation into creation.

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